The Darkest Star – Release Day & Review!

You guys all know I’m pretty obsessed with Jennifer L. Armentrout.  I love everything she’s ever written and this book is a companion to her Lux world which is where many of us started our love affair with her writing.  She was the first author I read when, exhausted with a baby / toddler who never slept, I finally relented and downloaded the kindle app to my tablet.  Obsidian was being offered for free, so I gave it a shot and the rest is history.  It was extra fun for me that the publishing house was located in Ft. Collins, CO, a city I know quite well as I attended college there and lived in the area most of my life.

Returning to the world of the Luxen and Origins and aliens among us was actually kind of a relief.  That sounds odd, but really I felt like I had been holding my breath and waiting for a continuation of the adventures there.  We finally get more about Luc in TDS – the great and powerful Origin we met along the way in Kat and Daemon’s stories.  There’s a splash of our old favorites as well, a pinch of Archer, a dash of Daemon, but really this is Evie’s story and so we have to step away from them to fall into her reality.  But Luc is there, so it’s mostly okay.


Secrets and lies are common threads that can’t be avoided in the Luxen world.  Evie finds herself completely submerged in both very quickly after simply going to a club with a friend.  I don’t love spoilers, so I can’t say much except nothing is really as it seems (ain’t that always the way?) and what you think you know you probably don’t.  This cast is fantastic, and I’m excited for the next one.  I’ll ALWAYS be excited for the next one.  Always.  Jennifer gives me all the feels every time I read her stuff and I find her entirely re-readable which just adds to the appeal,

You want to read this one.  If you haven’t read the Lux series, no worries – you can jump right into this and won’t be lost at all.  I will highly recommend that if you read this first you then go back and pick up Lux.  Naturally.  Start with Obsidian.  You won’t regret it!


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Stealing Reece – Release Day & Review


Presents : Blog Tour
Stealing Reese
by Xana Jordan


US | UK | CA | AU

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: A Wildcat Graduates Novel
I’m always in for a good college sports romance!  This one had me wondering which direction we were headed for quite a while!  I like the characters of Dillon and Reese both separately and together, and the accompanying cast is fun to watch as well.  This is quite a ways down the line in a series, but can absolutely be read as a standalone.  Overbearing parents, expectations that may or may not be your own, misinterpreted actions and even young adult stupidity all come together to make this a fun, young romance!
Playing Baseball means the the world to me. Seeing all of my close college buddies finding a good woman to settle down with should make me want that special something, too. But it doesn’t. No matter how unimportant it may seem to others, baseball is where my heart lies.
Being exclusive with one person isn’t something I’m interested in. I had the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I wanted to do it. No obligations. No commitments. No responsibilities to anyone other than myself. That’s how I needed things to be. At least that’s what I had planned.
She took me by surprise, knocked me off base, but I didn’t have time to give in to our mutual attraction. Her decision to move on is just what I wanted, until she actually did.
She may be with him now, but little does he know I’ll be the one Stealing Reese.
Follow the Author
About the Author
Xana Jordan is an Arkansas girl who finally decided to let the stories in her head to put on paper. She loves to cook and read, and when she’s not doing those things, you can always find her writing, assisted by her cat, lovingly nicknamed Diva and Princess.
Her first book, Loving Noel, launched the Wildcat Graduated series, and now contains five books, with three more in the works. She has co-authored a series named Winter Haven with Michelle Rene, and its first book is titled Nixon. Three more books are being written for that series.
She has an amazing husband and two wonderful children who support her and keep her busy and entertained.
Wildcat Graduates Series Links and Reading Order:
Loving Noel
Claiming Xana
Catching Mallory
Entrusting Cade
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Meant for You – Release & Review

I love story worlds with big families and lots of siblings, probably mostly because it’s super new and interesting to me having been an only child.  This story has that, and so much more as we follow will and Paige into a very intense love affair that neither of them could have predicted or expected!

These characters are very well drawn in their own right – families, careers, interests – and when put into proximity with one another they can’t help but orbit and be drawn together.  A wonderful love story with some really great setting and background not to mention some pretty spectacular love scenes.  Get into this world, you’ll be glad you did!



Will Connor lives his life by simple rules: take care of those he loves, give one hundred percent to his job, and never ignore his instincts. So when he meets Paige, he doesn’t plan to ignore their crazy chemistry, or the way her pretty smile strips him of all defenses…

As the development director of a nonprofit, Paige Lamonica has met her fair share of people. But Will is something else entirely. The sexy detective is a little too confident. With sculpted muscles and a chiseled jawline, he’s also far too easy on the eye. She loves that he goes toe-to-toe with her at every turn.

When Will asks her to attend his sister’s wedding with him, Paige thinks he just wants to throw some relatives who want to play matchmakers off his scent.

She couldn’t be more wrong. Will wants her.

When she teases him, he teases her right back. When she pushes his buttons, he repays her with dangerously hot flirting…and even hotter kisses.

As they spend more time together, Paige discovers there’s more to Will than she thought. With every layer she peels away, she craves more…

But as the daughter of an Army man, Paige has never wanted to get involved with someone on the force.

Can Will persuade her to explore their growing connection with him?

Get your hands on MEANT FOR YOU now:

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Want to win?

Layla Hagen has a great giveaway for running on her facebook page and her instagram – head on over to check it out!


About Layla Hagen

Layla Hagen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

She fell in love with books when she was nine years old, and her love affair with stories continues even now, many years later.

She writes steamy and romantic stories and can’t wait to share them with the world.

She is represented by fabulous Louise Fury (The Bent Agency)

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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Maid in England – Cover Reveal

Title: Maid in England

Series: The I Do Crew #1

Author: Brenda St John Brown
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Frauke Spanuth, Croco Designs

Release Date: February 5, 2019

TO: The guy who dumped me
FROM: The woman hired to advance your career
RE: I am 150,000% over you.
I’m on the 11:14 train out of London, so I’ll be there by
3:00. To make this as painless as possible, I thought it would help to
establish key ground rules:


  • No rehashing our past relationship. Yes,
    we were engaged, but it’s been twelve years and I’m over you.
  • I’m very good at my job and that job is to
    help you shed the “reclusive” part of the whole “reclusive rock star” vibe
    you’ve got going on. Brace yourself.
  • My plan is to have this wrapped up by
    Friday, so save your smoldering looks until I’m gone, please. (I assume
    you still smolder?) I’m immune now. See item #1.



I’ll see you in a few hours.
P.S. My cousin is getting married at the beginning of
August. Guess who’s a bridesmaid? Funny, huh? Almost as funny as the fiancée
you dumped because you thought she was married to her job now saving yours.
Have I mentioned I’m totally, completely 150,000% over you?


Author Bio
Brenda is a displaced New Yorker living in the English
countryside. She’s lived in the UK long enough to gain dual citizenship, but
still doesn’t understand Celsius. However, she has learned the appropriate use
of the word “pants”. And how to order a proper bacon bap/barm/buttie. Because,
well, bacon.
Brenda writes contemporary romance to make you giggle and
swoon. When she’s not writing, she enjoys hiking, running and reading. In
theory, she also enjoys cooking, but it’s more that she enjoys eating and, try
as she might, she can’t live on Doritos alone.
For more information or to connect with Brenda visit
Author Links


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Take Me There – Release & Review

It’s always a sweet romance situation when two people with something in their past shadowing their present come together and find something they thought they had lost!

Take Me There delivers a sweet, sexy love story with real life complications.  Carson and Ashlynn are a perfect match at first blush, even if they don’t realize it until further down the road.  Watching them share their pasts and build a future felt sweet and satisfying!


Title: Take Me There
Author: M.C. Decker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2018


I’d spent the last decade counseling couples –helping them achieve their most
intimate desires. How could I so easily help them when I didn’t know how to
help myself?

Honestly, I was a fraud. A fake. A phony. Let’s call it what it was –I was a
thirty-five-year-old woman who’d never experienced the Big O. Don’t kid
yourself, I’m not innocent. I’m definitely not a virgin. It’s just, no guy has
ever taken me there –you know the place, where your toes curl and the universe
explodes around you.

I’d pretty much given up hope, until he barreled into my life –turning my
entire world upside down.Carson

I’m Doctor Carson Foster, renowned sex therapist. I’d made a career out of
bringing women to orgasm. Always holding to high professional standards, I was
careful to do things completely by the book. I’d never considered breaking my
personal code of ethics with any of my patients –that is, until I met her. And
to complicate things, Ashlynn Sommers was my colleague, but I wouldn’t let that
stop me. When I learned of her “little problem” in the bedroom, I was
determined to be the one to take her there.

Purchase Links
99c for release day ONLY!!!
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
M.C. Decker is the Amazon Top 100 Best Selling author of the
Unspoken Series which includes the Unwritten Duet of Unwritten and Unscripted
and the standalone novel Unforeseen. She’s also written the standalone novels
Love Entwined and the upcoming Take Me There. She lives in a suburb of Flint,
Michigan with her husband and spoiled-rotten Siamese cat, Simon. For the last
decade, she has worked as a  journalist for several community newspapers
in Michigan’s Thumb region. She enjoys all things ’80s and ’90s pop culture:
movies, boy bands, music and especially the color, hot pink. She also strictly
lives by the motto, “Life is better in flip flops,” and is a diehard
Detroit Tigers fan.
Author Links

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In the Land of Gods and Monsters – Cover Reveal!

Title: In the Land of Gods and Monsters

Series: Gods and Monsters Duet #1

Author: Carmen Jenner
Genre: Dark Romance

Cover Design: Be Designs

Photo: Sara Eirew

Release Date: November 20, 2018




In the land of Gods and Monsters, she was a toy. A plaything.
A pet.
His pet.
Taken, stolen, beaten, used.
Pet remembers nothing before his touch, and afterward, she
craves nothing more.
Sinful and merciless, Ares is her God now. He alone says
when to beg, when to come, and when to kneel, but he never said anything about
Pre-order Links
99c for a limited time!!


isn’t it?” He presses his front against my back, eliminating the space between
us. My heart races as I feel his erection through his suit pants.
I shiver.
“Will you hurt me in here, Sir?”
“Will you
make me cry?”
“I usually
I steel my
jaw, because the way he talks about my pain, my torment, is just cruel. “Then
what are you waiting for?”
audience,” he whispers, his tongue darting out to lick the space where my
shoulder meets my neck. I close my eyes, bring my arm up behind his head, and
slide my fingers into his hair as he devours my flesh. My body is electric, on
fire, and buzzing with need. His words terrify me, and yet I’ve never been more
turned on.


Author Bio
Jenner is a USA Today and international bestselling author.
A hardcore red lipstick addict and a romantic at heart, Carmen strives to give
her characters the HEA they deserve, but not before ruining their lives
completely first … because what’s a happily ever after without a little

Author Links


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False Memory – Release & Review

Another day, another cliffhanger I can’t wait for the next installment of!  Note that this is set up as a trilogy so if you can’t handle waiting, pick these up when they are all available!

I’ve been blessed with some good thrillers lately, and this one grabbed me from the very beginning.  It should be difficult to connect with a character who is trapped in her own head for a bit at the beginning, but Ms. Raine makes it look easy.  She manages to get you totally engaged with Lily, the immense drama that surrounds her life and the people in the middle of a mystery only she can solve.  The problem is, if she tells what she knows, she’s more likely to end up dead than if she lies.

So good!  I can’t wait to see what’s next for Lily, Duff, Romeo and Jane!


Title: False Memory
Series: The False Series #1
Author: Meli Raine
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 13, 2018
It all started with the bereavement flowers with my name on them.
Not the best way to wake up,
right? I work in a flower shop. I know a funeral arrangement when I see one.
I know a killer when I see one,
too. And one is standing in my hospital room right now, straight behind the man
who saved my life.
I can’t tell anyone the truth, because that’s the fastest way to really
die. So I do the next best thing. I “lose” my memory.
I fake my amnesia.
Pretending not to remember a
brutal attempted murder has its perks. The killer is backing down, spending
less time around me, loosening the noose.
The less I claim to recall, the more my rescuer, Duff, works to help me
“remember.” I hate lying to him.
But he doesn’t understand that my memory is dangerous. To me. And to him.
Fooling everyone isn’t easy. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
Except it’s starting to look like I’ve been fooling myself.
In more ways than one.


Coming Soon
Releasing December 11, 2018
Release Date: January 15, 2019
Author Bio


Meli Raine
writes romantic suspense with hot bikers, intense undercover DEA agents, bad
boys turned good, and Special Ops heroes — and the women who love them. Meli
rode her first motorcycle when she was five years old, but she played in the
ocean long before that. She lives in New England with her family.
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Royal Tease – Release & Review

I feel like the theme lately is cliffhangers set in England!  I didn’t know that this was part of a duet until I was nearly finished.  This book is also set in a larger world and while it could stand alone, there are lots of references to events and characters I feel like I would have understood much better had I started with the other stories.  Just a few things to be aware of if you decide to pick this one up, and I suggest you do if you like feisty smart female leads and military alpha males!

Jessa is a fierce lady, both at work and at home.  Roone is dedicated to his moral code, but she gets under his skin like nobody else ever has.  He’s trying to protect her, she thinks he’s just trying to encroach on her hard-earned territory at work.  Things are set to explode in more than one way as her unknown identity and lots of lies and secrets start to pile up and the sexual tension between them only gets stronger!

Great read.  Fast paced and fun.  The whole cast of characters is entertaining, great dialogue and very steamy love scenes.  Can’t wait for the second half!


Title: Royal Tease
Series: Royals United Duet #1

Author: Nana Malone

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 13, 2018


Roone…The plan was simple, go undercover, protect my best friend’s little sister. It
should have been the easiest assignment of my life.

But Jessa isn’t your usual princess. She’s feisty, and sexy, and stubborn, and
gorgeous. Did I mention she hates me? From the moment I carried her over my
shoulder out of a bar fight, I’ve been persona non grata.

But the stakes are too high to mess this up. The monarchy is at risk.


I can’t stand Roone Scot.

There I said it. Shoot me.

We go together like lightening and water. His quiet, steady obstinance is going
to cost me my job. A job I have worked very hard to keep. No one is messing
this up for me. I’ve had enough crazy in my life.

Not to mention the way his eyes track me every time I move, makes me
uncomfortable in an I-need-my-batter-operated-boyfriend kind of way.

But even if I wanted him – which I don’t, but if I did – I can’t ever have him.
My life is not my own. I’ve known that since birth.

(Book 1 in the Royals United Duet)




Purchase Links




Coming Soon

Releasing January 8, 2019




Author Bio
USA Today Bestselling Author, NANA MALONE’s love of all
things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense she
borrowed from her cousin on a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana at a precocious
thirteen. She’s been in love with kick butt heroines ever since.

With her overactive imagination, and channeling her inner
Buffy, it was only a matter a time before she started creating her own
characters. Waiting for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin, Nana, meantime
works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as
sassy and kick butt as she thinks she is.

The books in her series have been on multiple Amazon Kindle
and Barnes & Noble best seller lists as well as the iTunes Breakout Books
list and most notably the USA Today Bestseller list.

Until that ninja job comes through, you’ll find Nana working
hard on additional books for her series as well as other fun, sassy romances
for characters that won’t leave her alone. And if she’s not working or hiding
in the closet reading, she’s acting out scenes for her husband, daughter and
puppy in sunny San Diego.

Want to hit me up? Just email me:


Author Links




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